Where to find a beautiful brides dress

Your love has popped the question and now the hunt is on for the perfect brides dress. Bridal magazines have the latest fashion in wedding attire, but where can you go to find the perfect dress at the right price? Well, you can shop online to get an idea of the dress you want, and then pop over to a brick and mortar shop to scour the wares. Or you can purchase a dress online straight for the shop without ever seeing it first-hand.

It's up to you which route you wish to go. If you trust the shop you're making the purchase from, it could relieve the stress tremendously of going door to door trying on dress after dress. Elderberry Brides has both a physical store and an online presence, which makes it doubly convenient for the bride-to-be. Check their Special Offers on their website at http://www.elderberrybrides.co.uk/special-offers/ to get the latest information on bridal gowns. One dress Elderberry offers on special is a beauty by Venus Bridal. Originally £1,059, it can be had now for a mere £529.50. The shop, located at 8 New Street, Basingstoke, Hampshire, also offers plus size designs and an alteration service for brides' dresses and prom gowns.

Online bridal dress retailer, the Bridalwear Company is another option if you choose to purchase a dress online. The retailer, located at http://www.thebridalwearcompany.co.uk/, has an stunning array of brides dresses, grooms' suits, and bridesmaid dresses. Prices range from £249 for a the beautiful "Arianna" dress: a mermaid style multi-tiered concoction with a shrug jacket, to £999 for the vintage-inspired, exquisitely detailed "Amber" dress. Shipping on wedding dresses from Bridalwear is only £10 on the UK mainland, and £20 to the rest of the UK. Another benefit the company offers is a service called "Spread the Cost." You place your order, then make smaller payments over the course of three to six months. This is extremely helpful if you can't afford a £600 dress up front, but can pay for it in convenient instalments!

Remember, always check out the reputation of any online retailer before you buy. Consider the return policy and any taxes and duties you might incur by ordering online. Can the dress be altered? Is there a shop close to you that can alter it if the dress doesn't fit? Once you've got your wedding dress, you can relax a bit and focus more on the rest of the wedding.

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