Top free Bridal patterns

Your wedding say should be perfect, you have dreamed of it for longer than you can even tell your husband to be. You know exactly how every detail should be. The cake, the bridal parties outfits and of course the piece de resistance - your wedding dress.

Perhaps money is tight or you just cant find the perfect dress. Neither of these things should stand in the way of your perfect day. With just a little bit of skill, some time and a couple of dollars for fabric you can create the most amazing wedding dresses thanks to our guide to online bridal patterns.

These websites contain step by step guides to making up to date fresh and funky or classic, vintage styled wedding dresses that will make your perfect day.

Marfy.it should be your first stop when looking for online bridal patterns. This website has a great mix of free and paid for patterns that will suit dress makers of all skill levels. European and America styles are the order of the day here and we just love the outfits you can create thanks to this site.

If you are looking for something that harks back to the golden age of style then be sure to check out Sovintagepatterns.com, an amazing online repository for thousands of wedding dress designs from over 100 years. We found some beautiful dresses from the 1940s that had us wishing for a church, a ring and a hunk. If you love classic designs this is a haven for you.

Finally diyfashion.about.com is the ideal place to find a pattern for a hand bag, a veil or the perfect clutch to make your outfit complete.

In your search to find the perfect dress there might be some tears and restless nights but once you see the amazing photos we assure you it will be well worth it. Best of luck!

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