Bridal Dresses with Sleeves

Often when attending a wedding we see a beautiful bride making her way down the aisle wearing a gorgeous strapless dress. If you are a bride though and either do not feel comfortable wearing a strapless dress or are trying to go for a different look, try on bridal dresses with sleeves and see if you like the look.

Why Sleeves?

Why Sleeves?

Thanks to Kate Middleton and her beautiful wedding dress, the trend of bridal dresses with sleeves is making a strong comeback. While long-sleeves are often associated with a conservative or antique look, they can also create a very modern look for the bride.

Sleeves can also be functional. If it is a summer wedding it can add as protection from the sun or add warmth in the winter. They can also make the bride feel more comfortable and not as self conscious about her arms if that is a worry.

Different types of sleeves

Sleeves can come in many different types of fabric, most commonly lace, tulle, and chiffon. The material you choose though will depend on the budget, season, material of the gown, and look you are going for. There are many different types of sleeves.

Off the shoulder/Boatneck sleeve

This is not much of a sleeve rather just a little fabric that meets under the armpit and wraps around the arm leaving the shoulders bare. This is a very seductive look but not flashy and is ideal for summer weddings. It can be extremely flattering for those that are pear-shaped by adding width across the top, which balances out the hips. Having a full length dress can add to the dramatic look of these sleeves.

Capped sleeves

For brides that have been working at getting the perfect arms for the big day, try capped sleeves. These are fitted to the top of the shoulder and will draw attention to the arms. The fabric has a narrow width and is only surface level so it doesn't meet under the armpit. They are often made of lace and is a great way to add elegance to the dress for those on a tight budget.

Three-quarter sleeves

For a little more coverage, the three-quarter length sleeves from the shoulder to the forearm can either be tight fitted sheath or raglan look, or have a more loose look with bell or kimono sleeves. This often highlights the waist and hip areas.

LongSleeve/full-length sleeves

This can be an extremely flattering and elegant look that is a continuation of the neck material. It is another great look for those with slender arms, especially if you choose to have lace sleeves.

Comfort and Beauty

Whether you try on bridal dresses with sleeves and love it, or tried and and prefer strapless dresses, at the end of the day you should wear the dress that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Here are more tips on popular wedding dress trends to shine in your own wedding.

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