Breaking Bad Halloween costume ideas

Well, all bad things must come to an end, and we all knew that from the start. However, whether you feel like a big chunk is missing out of your life, or whether you're furiously trying to catch up on the last 5 season (before someone spoils the ending for you!), a great way to celebrate your admiration for such an amazing series is to dress up like your best of worst loved character on the show. Help yourself to some Breaking Bad Halloween costume ideas and tips, specially selected for all the Breaking Bad fans out there.

Characters that make the top Halloween costumes

For our Breaking Bad Halloween costume ideas, first of all, we've made a little list of those characters that would make great Halloween costume, and we've come up with 4 favourites:


Right, let's start with the Heisenberg look, which makes for a great Halloween outfit and it's relatively easy to get. For this you will need to A) shave your head or B) a bold cap kit (check on ebay:http://www.ebay.co.uk/bhp/bald-cap). On top of that, quite literally, must go a so called Pork Pie hat.The real thing is a Bollman Collection 1940′s Pork Pie Hat,and costs around £80, otherwise go for a cheaper brand or the costume version of it. Also, the goatee is a must, either real or costume kit, just make sure they' re styled just right! As far as clothing goes, you will need a dress shirt and a pair of jeans or khakis trousers, with a black wind breaker on top. Ah, of course: don't forget the dark sunglasses, Blues Brothers style.

Dead Jane

Perfect for Halloween is the pale skinned, black haired Jane Margolis. You'll need smoky black eyes make up, red lipstick, 90s tee, miniskirt and boots, thick leather bracelets with studs and a Snow White gone bad wig or hairdo. Off you go to find your Pinkman!

Cooking outfits

Right, we're getting in the thick of it! This I perfect for a couple or pair of friends, but take notes of all the things you'll need to make it work. First of all, you will need Tyvek safety hazmat suits and gas masks – if you don't want to spend a fortune, google 'yellow hazard coveralls', or look it up on ebay. For the gas masks, again, on the show obviously they're using state of the art ones: 3M Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6800, RespiratoryProtection with 3M 60923 CART-FILTER Multi Gas/Vapor P100Cartridge. Anything that looks vaguely similar should do, try a 3M Half Face-piece Reusable RespiratorAssembly 6291, or Neiko Anti-Dust Paint Respirator Mask - DualCartridge, for instance. You can find them on Amazon.co.uk at a very reasonable price.

Faced off Gus

Yes, we obviously mean the 'walking dead' Gustave Fring in episode 13 series 4. What more fit Halloween costume? Definitely the hardest to get right though, not so much for the clothing, for all you need is a well fitted suit really, but for the make up: half the face should look recently blown up! Got the idea? Stock up on fake blood and special make up wax (http://www.ebay.co.uk/bhp/halloween-effect-make-up), get someone to help, and good luck!

One prop fits all!

Did you know? The blue-tinged crystal meth Mr White and Jesse Pinkman cook on the show is actually cotton flavoured rock candy. If you feel crafty enough, you can cook some yourself! Find the recipe here:


Crash the candy and put it in those small plastic bags and you'll be ready to get all your friends addict to it! Out of all the Breaking Bad Halloween costume ideas, the cotton flavoured rock candy is definitely the most versatile: it's a must and will go with each and every costume.

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