Breakfast at Hathaway's

The new issue of Vogue features a tribute to one of the most stylish women of the 20th century – Audrey Hepburn, reports the Sun.

Devil Wears Prada actress Anne Hathaway is the fashion bible’s November cover star, dressed in one of Hepburn’s most iconic looks. She looks beautiful wearing dripping pearls and a little black dress – the absolute go-to outfit for effortless Hollywood style. Hathaway described her experience as ‘true glamour’, and she certainly goes look every bit the 50s siren in the images which can be seen on the Daily Mail's site, shot by Mario Testino.

Anne is not the only celeb to have channeled Miss Hepburn of late. Other celebrities to have adopted the Roman Holiday star's iconic style include Paris Hilton, Coleen Rooney, Kelly Brook and Anna Friel. However, in our opinion the ultimate Audrey Hepburn tribute award has to go to Muppets star Miss Piggy. She’s always one step ahead of the curve.

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