Brasher walking boots - what you need to know



Brasher has been designing boots since the late 1970s, and the brand is named after Olympic gold medallist Chris Brasher. As with many things, the brand was borne out of necessity when a pair of walking boots blistered Brasher's feet so badly when trekking that he threw them away and continued on in his trainers. It was then that he wondered why walking boots couldn't be as comfortable as trainers and so Brasher set out to achieve just that.


Brasher walking boots


Brasher design two main ranges of footwear: outdoor and everyday. Both include styles for men, women and children. The different shoes in the outdoor range for adults incorporate those suitable for mountain climbing, trekking, hiking and other outdoor activities. The boots contain a range of design features depending on the purpose they have been designed for. The mountain boots are rugged and hardwearing, and are 100 per cent waterproof. They have a highly supportive cuff around the ankle to help prevent injuries on uneven terrain, and this often contains memory foam for a perfect fit.

The hiking and trekking boots are available in both leather and fabric, but are also all designed to be 100 per cent waterproof. The fabric styles have breathable panels to help keep the feet cool in hot weather. These boots also contain a supportive ankle cuff which sits a little lower than the mountain boots but are perfect for walking over long distances.


Where to get them


Brasher products are available at a wide range of retailers throughout the UK, both online and instore. Millets and Blacks are both retailers which stock Brasher boots both in their high street branches and through their websites (www.millets.co.uk and www.blacks.co.uk). Another Brasher stockist is OutdoorKit (www.outdoorkit.co.uk), the UK's leading online stockist of outdoor clothing, accessories and equipment.

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