Bra-dical thinking turns up the heat

If you’ve ever bought a car or used one of those phone recycling services, you’ll probably be familiar with the concept of returning an old model to the place you bought it, and getting money off your next purchase in return. It’s a successful business model for many companies but not so common in the more…ahem…'personal' world of lingerie. But that’s about the change.

Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi is offering customers three euros off their next purchase if they return their old bras to the store, reports the New York Times. The second-hand bras will then be recycled into insulated and soundproof panels used for construction.

The campaign, which runs to the end of the month, is fronted by Russian model Irina Shayk, who encourages women to return their bras to help ‘save the planet’, adding that ‘doing good for the environment is also a matter of style'. Never a truer word was said.

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