Some of the best boys ski gloves

There are loads of options when choosing boys ski gloves, with different brands, prices and features. The following gloves are some of the best available, regardless of price or anything else, although naturally being top end ski gloves they do tend to be fairly expensive.

'Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Junior Gloves' are probably among the very best ski gloves available for boys aged four to thirteen. Hand made with extremely durable leather, insulated, windproof, waterproof, and breathable, they also come complete with a cosy removable lining. They can be bought from littleskiers.co.uk for £47.99.

'Shadow Camo Mitts' are a significantly cheaper but almost as impressive option. They're padded, insulated and waterproof, have a soft brushed fleece lining for comfort and warmth, a snow cuff to prevent snow and ice from getting in, a goggle wipe and a reinforced palm to provide extra grip when holding ski poles. They also feature a youthful 'shadow camo' design that's bound to be appealing to boys, and can be bought for £19.50 from muddypuddles.com.

For an even cheaper but still high quality option, consider the 'Quicksilver Jack Boys Snowboard Gloves'. They have similar features to the 'Shadow Camo Mitts', such as a reinforced palm. They also have a draw string which can be used to attach the gloves to a ski jacket. They're warm and waterproof, and like most Quicksilver gloves they're well made. They also only cost £17.48 from surfdome.com.

The 'Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Junior Gloves' are undoubtedly the best of this selection, and may even be the best boys ski gloves on the planet. But they're also more than twice as expensive as the other suggestions and for general skiing purposes they probably aren't necessary. For total peace of mind though, they won't be bettered.

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