Boys need shoes for each season

Boys now have shoes in a wide range of styles. When considering new shoes, it is worth considering how the rough and tumble of boy games will affect their shoes. How long shoes last should therefore be considered before we purchase them. Boys need shoes that fall into four main categories: casual, formal, school and summer footwear.

A casual shoe is a good staple choice for any boy’s shoe collection. Casual footwear can go with a variety of different clothing items. Canvas shoes are a great choice, too. For example, the grey checked transit pumps available at Debenhams.com are reasonably priced at £15.99. If you can afford to spend that little bit extra, then a pair of boy's star player ox trainers in blue or red would look great with jeans or shorts. They are available from alexandalexa.com priced £39.00.

School shoes need to be comfortable, as your boy’s feet will be in them for up to seven hours a day. School shoes also need to take a lot rough and tumble in the playground. There is a wide selection of durable boys’ shoes available from MarksandSpencer.com retailing for £10.00 to £14.00, which has a built-in sanitising feature to keep feet fresh, and the surface is coated to be scruff-resistant.

Formal shoes seem to be an expensive buy, but if you search around you can find a reasonable priced pair. You may like a black lace-up pair from turnersofbrighouse.com for £16.99, which are available from baby sizes to older boy’s sizes. If you want to splash out on a special pair, then step2wo.com stock various styles, ranging from designer loafers priced from £56.00 or lace-ups ranging in price from £62.00.

Boys still want to look stylish when they have to wear their summer shoes. Sketchers have a great pair that combines both the look of a trainer and sandal in one. Their usual R.R.P. is £37.99 but sportsdirect.com are selling them at £12.00 (selected sizes). Birkenstock offers a great range of styles and colours of sandals, which are stylish and practical at the same time. They will look great with jeans or shorts, so can be used as a day or evening shoe in the summer. There is a great selection available from eBay.co.uk, prices range from £25.00 to £30.00 per pair.

Boys can wear shoes that look stylish and fashionable, depending on the season. Search online or in-store for a large selection of boy’s shoes.

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