Bouled over by Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld celebrated the latest Chanel cruise collection in St Tropez with a game of boules, involving a select bunch of the fashion elite, including Vanessa Paradis, Diane Kruger and Georgia May Jagger. We're not jealous, no siree, not one bit. Who needs champagne, boules and gorgeous wispy clothes in the South of France? We'd much rather be sat in front of a computer in rainy Blighty, with David Cameron in charge...

Have a look at the Vogue snaps here. We are especially intrigued by the continuing fashionification (is that a word? To steal from Alan Partridge, it is now) of Joshua Jackson. Marvel at the way he nonchalently rolls up his chinos, accessorises a purple shirt with brown leather loafers and vintage belt, and looks mighty chic. Watch and learn, men of Britain - this is summer dressing par excellence.

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