How to determine whether a pair of boots is waterproof

For many, buying a quality boot during the cold-snowy season is a great concern. For the winter, it is not only important to have a pair of warm boots but also, one that is waterproof. Water proof boots, unlike usual winter boots, ensures your feet remain dry and warm during harsh conditions of snowfall or showers.

The difference between winter boots and water proof boots is that, winter boots do not necessarily have to be waterproof. Winter boots are made with the warmth issue given the first priority. On the other hand, waterproof boots combines the two aspects; warmth and water repulsion.

How to determine whether a pair of boots is water proof

As a shopper, you may be lured by the many adverts and appraisals placed on winter clothing across the shops. But getting the intended product with the desired attributes may prove quite a task. To ascertain whether boots are waterproof, you can check-out on the following:

  • The fabric used to make the boots must be one of the waterproof types. Fabrics such as Gore Tex ® are known to be waterproof yet breathable, therefore, you can rest assured a boot made with it is waterproof.
  • The sole of the boot must be made from nonporous material like flexible plastic or rubber. Such ensures that water cannot seep through the boot.
  • Most waterproof boots are made from tightly woven fabrics like polyester, nylon or vinyl. Such fabrics allow water to flow downwards without stagnation since they are not absorbent.
  • Waterproof boots must also be treated with an insulation material. In addition to being insulated, you should ensure that the most water prone seams of the boot are taped off. The seams are good places where water can seep through.

Finding a pair of boots that are totally waterproof can consume much searching time. But most of the famous and big brands like Trespass, Caterpillar, Burtons and Columbia boots make quality and 100% waterproof boots. However, you have to be ready to spend a little more on waterproof boots than usual winter boots. Between €80 and €200, you can get a good pair of waterproof boots.

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