Boots and fashion: Hunter at London Fashion Week 2014

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Scottish brand Hunter is ready to take the stage at the upcoming London Fashion Week 2014.

If there is one quintessentially British must have item for all seasons and place, that must be a good old pair of welly boots – possibly Hunter's.

A favourite for kids and practical grown ups, Hunter's wellies officially entered the world of glamour when fashion icon nKate Moss showed up at Glastonbury wearing hot pants and a pair of Hunter's original in 2005. But 2014 is the year when the Scottish company will take its stake at becoming an international fashion brand, by taking part at the London Fashion Week starting on Friday 14 this month.

Yesterday the company's creative director Alasdhair Willis told the Guardian: "We have always maintained that a unique opportunity exists to develop Hunter from a British heritage brand into a global lifestyle brand.”

“Hunter was born out of a passion to innovate, advances in manufacturing techniques and a British thirst for discovery," he added, "The vision for the brand is to celebrate that pioneering spirit and its rich heritage, making it relevant for today's customer."

The runaway show will be mainly focused on the brand's trademark boots, specially designed versions of the first 1956 Hunter Original boots. However there will be more then that, as the but the models on the catwalk prepare to present a brand new line of clothing, including the water-resistant original clear smocks that feature in the brand's Spring-Summer 2014 advertising campaign.

PHOTO GALLERY Hunter Spring -Summer 2014 collection

Hunter won't be the first British brand to seek expansion through the association with high couture. In recent years, high street brands such as Barbour and Mulberry have successfully reinvented themselves as international fashion houses, and it seems that having a show at the coveted London Fashion Week is the best way to break the ice and start developing into something less ordinary and more glamorous.

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