Get the best out of Boohoo.com

You know those hot pieces of clothing you keep seeing on other people but you never have the cheeks to ask where they're from? Well look no further! It's all on Boohoo.

The hottest hot pants, the coolest tee dress, the metallic skinny jeans and studdy heels, all in one, affordable place. Once you're on Boohoo, you get hooked. There's enough to get everyone stocked up on trends for weekends to come. But let's take a closer look to its main features, from product range to return policy.

It's a win win

Founded in 2006 in the UK, Boohoo has quickly grown to an international status. It deliveres fresh, trendy, catwalked inspired fashion looks to the USA and Australia as well as its home country. The secret behind its success is in two key factor: keeping it fresh, keeping it affordable. And their userfriendly website is a wimmer too: log onto boohoo.com and you have direct access to what's new, the hottest trends or the boutique section, all in one simple click- not just the plain man/woman, season/sale stuff. Once you start browsing a section, it gives you the widest choice of sizes, colours, styles to helpyou narrow down the catalogue to what fits you. And every time you select something you like, it signals you with other valid options. It works, you get hooked and, most importantly, you find stuff you like. The collections targets a customer base of young people, students and club goers with an eye to the music and celeb trends. In fact, Boohoo also offers 10 percent off to students with an easy system ofdiscount codes. Simply register with UniDAY to proove your status here:


Additionally, delivery is free for orders of £30 or more, and any item can be returned free of charge if you live in Ireland or in the UK. For what concern their return policy, you have 14 days to think about your items, but count them from the date on the dispatch note. Make sure that the item to be returned is in a resealable condition, which means with all its labels and tags still on and in its original packaging. Some items may not be returnable due to hygienic reasons, so always check in the garmet description. Check here for full return policy and to links for lost return labels:



Look out for the sale

The clearance section on Boohoo is the coolest ever: keep an eye on it because as new stuff comes in every day, there's a lot of leftovers worth having. If a garmet is low on stock, say only 10 items left, it goes in the clearance section, and very often is exactly what you were looking for!

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