Bold print shirts for men

A good, well-tailored shirt is a ubiquitous fashion item for the discerning male. Shirts are suitable for any occasion, from formal situations like the office, to any number of leisure activities. There is no reason why this functional wear can't also be stylish, which is why bold print shirts for men are becoming ever more popular.

Sourcing fashionable bold print shirts

With spring finally arriving, a new sense of optimism and verve is filtering through to the catwalks. Now that the need for chunky outdoor wear is fading, many bold and exciting designs for bold print shirts for men are coming to the fore.

Typical of these is Burberry's latest collection. A longtime champion of clothing that melds street styles with sophisticated designs, some of these shirts are perfect examples of confident fashion statements. An eye-catching array of colours, stripes and bold prints elevate these from just shirts.

Elsewhere on the High Street, Duchamp are providing some fabulous bold-patterned shirts. The ever-popular paisley pattern is evident in a diverse range of styles. Available in long or short sleeves, these whirling, psychedelic prints combine with superb tailoring and fitting to provide a classic shirt. Designed to compliment a neater physique than those baggy shirts that, when worn untucked, can outwards shapelessly, these shirts will show off a slim silhouette.

Naturally, they are suitable for any occasion. Like any other style of bold-patterned shirt, their elegance and sophisticated design are perfect for professional situations. They can enhance a dark suit, contrasting with the more sombre outer layer. They look equally fantastic when combined with jeans or any other casual trouser - on dress-down Fridays, or when you retire from the office to a social occasion.

For even bolder prints, why not be even more adventurous and consider psychedelic patterns such as tie-dyes?

Suitable occasions to wear bold print shirts for men

Perhaps you haven't plucked up the courage to invest in any bold print shirts for men? It's time to lock up your inner conservative.

  • Work wear

In the modern age, offices are no longer staid environments populated by faceless drones in grey suits. As companies embrace technology, bold shirts fit in perfectly.

  • Clubbing

Nothing says more about embracing a party atmosphere than a unique shirt. It'll look great, give you confidence, and certainly prove to be a conversation starter!

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