Want blue Ugg boots without the price tag?

Ugg boots are well known all over the world and are extremely popular in fashion. Blue Ugg boots are less well known about and are among the newest styles from the company. The problem with Ugg boots is that they are so expensive but there are a few places that sell them at affordable prices.

The best option you have is to start your search online. Amazon.co.uk is well known for its low and competitive prices. However, you do need to check there on a regular basis as the offers and listings change on a regular basis. You will also need to look carefully to make sure the boots are genuine.

The next place to look is All Discount Ugg Boots. This online store has genuine blue Ugg boots but at lower prices. They range from $80 to £100 dollars, depending on the style of Ugg boot that you want – short, medium or long? With the current exchange rate – as of September 2011 – you will be looking at paying between £50 and £60 for a pair.

However, it is also worth checking out the Ugg website. There are sales every year as the old season stock goes out of fashion. You will save your money and be guaranteed to get high quality and genuine blue Ugg boots. Many of the sales will cut the cost down to around £65, depending on the style of boot you choose. If you decide to pay for the current season stock, you will find yourself spending at least £135 on a pair of boots.

Always buy genuine blue Ugg boots. Not only will this stop the funding for illegal merchants but it will also help you get the best value for your money. Genuine Ugg boots are made from real sheepskin and fleece, which will keep your feet warm and will mean the boots last much longer.

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