Blue snow boots should suit your winter use

Snow boots are more durable and offer far more than an ordinary winter boot. They are designed for adults and children who are going to be outdoors in the cold, snow and rain for a good length of time. Snow boots come in many different styles and colours. When choosing a snow boot, there are a number of factors that should be considered.

Because of the length of time that you will spend out in the cold, snow boots need to keep your feet warm. Therefore, having insulation in them is highly important. Kids blue yogi snow boots from Aquarius have fleece insulation, and are available from outdoorgear.co.uk priced at £16.99. Different types of insulation can be used to insulate the snow boots, for example, man-made fur and Polartec.

The outer of the snow boots should either be waterproof, like that of the Woman’s Tivoli Plaid in Alaskan Blue available from sorelfootwear.co.uk for £144. Alternatively, they should be made of nubuck or suede so that they will be able to prevent water soaking into the material.

A good snow boot should go over the hem of your trousers to offer you protection from snow and rain getting to your feet, and the higher it goes over your ankle, the better the protection will be. The Lacoste Malka, available from zalando.co.uk priced at £74.95, in blue is a great ankle snow boot. It has a drawstring at the top of the boot to keep the heat in and moisture out.

Having a good sole to your boot is very important too. It needs to be totally waterproof to prevent moisture getting in and have good grips on the sole to combat that snow and ice. This is especially important for children. For example, the Ralph Lauren dark blue snow boots offer a thick rubber sole with plenty of treads, and is available to purchase from childrensalon.com priced at £54.00.

There are snow boots that offer minimal protection. They are more for fashion wear, like that of the classic tall navy blue snow boot from UGG, which is available from amazon.co.uk, priced between £129 and £149. It is better to spend time looking for the perfect snow boot, so you do not end up having to buy another pair due to inadequate protection from the elements.

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