Blow by Blow

Detma Blow, widow of hugely influential fashionista Isabella Blow who committed suicide in 2007, is releasing a book documenting the tragic life of one of British fashion’s most important recent figures

The Daily Mail is releasing excerpts from the book before the official release date next week. Among many of the fascinating insights is the claim that Alexander McQueen ‘betrayed’ Blow by snubbing her when he moved to Givenchy. The claims will come as a shock to many as McQueen’s close relationship with Isabella Blow is well documented – she famously bought his entire graduate collection and helped nurture him as a talent when he was starting out.

Detma’s book claims that McQueen did not find a role for Blow when he took the position of Chief Designer at Givenchy, and that he gloated about his financial success to her at a time when she was struggling with money. Obviously the truth of these claims can only be speculated upon, but we’re certainly intrigued to read more. The book, entitled Blow by Blow, is released on 2 September.

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