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Bloodstone jewellery UK can be found on various internet locations. Bloodstone itself is basically green quartz that has flecks of red, brown or yellow jasper that create a noticeable blood red marking against a deep green base.

Spjewellery.co.uk currently have 13 items of bloodstone jewellery advertised at very reasonable prices. As you peruse the list, it becomes evident from the amount of items that are sold that bloodstone is in fact a very popular purchase. The items are a mix of sterling silver findings and bloodstone with the earrings being priced between £5.65 and £8.90.

There are only 2 bracelets left that are available for purchase and they will cost £10 for a bloodstone chunky chip bracelet, this is made from chunky bloodstone chip beads and is set on a silver plated bracelet or you could pay £15.45 for the bloodstone and prehnite bracelet which is created out of bloodstone tumblestones, prehnite chip beads and sterling silver findings that include a sterling silver toggle clasp.

There is no postage charge within the UK when you order from this site.

Crystalwellbeing.co.uk is another site that stocks bloodstone jewellery. There is a bloodstone chakra pendulum and bracelet that will cost you £12.65.

Truenaturegems.co.uk have a slightly more costly selection of bloodstone jewellery with their pendants costing around £12.99 for pendants on adjustable cord and the bracelets starting at £12.99 for a bloodstone nugger model.

As bloodstone is also the birthstone for Aries, many high street jewellers will stock a very limited range of items featuring it.

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