Blaze a trail

One fashion story that never fails to gladden the heart is when a trusty favourite is given another spin around the sartorial block. This time it's the blazer. One of the most versitile pieces ever invented, it can toughen up a floral skirt, be worn as armour for a job interview/meeting boyfriend's parents or with jeans, breton top and ankle boots for those days when we insist on attempting to 'channel' Jane Birkin.

According to Elle, the blazer is also causing a mini fashion war with celebs, 'The A-list world has divided into two fashion camps. The likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Moss have determinedly stepped into the new season, sporting oversized white jackets that add a masculine touch to cocktail dresses and brighten up leather trousers and jeans. Others, like the ever-stylish Vanessa Paradis, are sticking to their trusty black blazers, instantly updating them by teaming them with new season essentials.'

So, the solution is simple; if you're skint, stick with old trusty black and buy a few seasonal accessories. For the flush amongst us, go crazy with a new oversized number in a pastel shade. Simple fashion logic - our favourite kind.

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