Cheap black snow boots available in size 38 online

Looking for the ideal black snow boots in size 38, which meet the required standard of comfort, sturdiness, protection and durability, can be a difficult task online. To make it easier, here are three of the best:

Harry Hall Toggle Women's Snow Boot - £44.99

These long winter black women's snow boots come in size 38, although you'll often find that they are out of stock - because they're a very popular shoe. The fashionable chic black design goes just below the knee, and features an elasticated toggle to control the snugness of the fit. The foot of the boots is 100% waterproof, while the water repellent upper half allows you to walk through wet snow without worrying about getting wet. They are available for a good price of £44.99 from Go Outdoors (gooutdoors.co.uk), saving £5 from the retail price.

Womens Hi-Tec Moritz 200 - from £68.50

Available in a range of sizes with the price varying according to the design and size, these shoes can be bought in black in a size 38 for £68.50 from Amazon.co.uk. They are made with a waterproof suede leather and mesh upper, 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation, a synthetic fur lining for extra warmth, and a steel cap for added protection. They are ideal for walking in slightly more extreme climates.

Chilly Women's Snow Boots - £39.99

The cheapest of our selection, but sacrificing nothing in quality, these black women's snow boots come in size 38 and a variety of other sizes to suit your needs. They feature an EVA foot sole to enhance your stability and grip, a faux sheepskin lining for ultimate snugness, and a zip fastening for adjustability.


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