Where to buy the best black and white handbags

Anyone who cares about fashion should own some black and white handbags. Black and white is a timeless colour combination, that exudes class and elegance. You can buy them in any style or size nd they're sure to dress up even your most boring of outfits.

The following list, highlights the best black and white handbags sites online;

  • shopstyle.co.uk
  • magicbags.co.uk
  • coach.com
  • nextag.com
  • oneposter.com
  • perfecthandbags.co.uk
  • stardust-eveningbags.co.uk
  • handbag.com

These handbags can retail for anything between £15 and £5000 depending on where you buy from and if it's a designer label that you are after.

You can also go directly to the high street and see what they have to offer. Black and white are timeless colours in fashion, so there's bound to be a large selection available for you to peruse. Check out some of the following shops;

  • Next
  • Marks & Spencers
  • Oasis
  • New Look
  • River Island
  • Topshop
  • Debenhams
  • Monsoon

You should also check out the sales that are on regularly at these shops, the great thing about handbags is that they're one size so you're much more likely to find the perfect bag on sale as opposed to a shirt or skirt.

You could also check out your second hand options. You could look for a cool vintage item in one of the many vintage and second hand stores across the Uk or you could go online to eBay and see what's on offer there. Simply search for black and white handbags and you'll no doubt be met with an extensive list of options to look through.

Happy Shopping!

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