Bits and Pieces

City Life

We love the new jewellery line by Italian designer Damiani rather a lot. It's all about diamonds and gold – in shades of yellow, red, black, and brown. Bracelets start from 600 euros each (cheap and cheerful!) See them at diamiani.com

Style Lady

French actress Marion Cotillard shows us how to look hot on the red carpet. At the 'Fashion Institute of Technology's Bike in Style Challenge' in New York, the star of 'Le Vie en Rose' donned a woollen suit, with matching belt and sandals by Dior...the brand she currently represents.

Missing Bag? No more...

Say goodbye to bag mix-ups. With the new Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram, it'll be impossible not to find your own bag when jet-setting across airports. When you buy the bag in the Milan or Rome stores, you can have your initials engraved directly on the leather. Have fun and create your own at louisvuitton.com

Tradition and Design

The limited edition 'Salvatore Ferragamo for Yohji Yamamoto' is a minicollection for Autumn-Winter '09-'10, born from an experimental collaboration between the Japanese designer and the Fashion House from Florence. See it at ferragamo.com

We just lurve the new peep toe 'Lady Dragon', by Vivienne Westwood for Melissa. Order them online for 88 euros at brownsfashion.com

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