Birkenstocks shoes - what you need to know



The Birkenstock brand can be traced back over 200 years to 1774, where Johann Adam Birkenstock can be found in the church archives registered as a shoemaker. In 1902, Johan's grandson Konrad developed the special flexible and supportive foot bed which Birkenstock is so well known for. By 1925, the foot support design was being exported from Germany to countries all over Europe, and in 1973 the famous two strap sandal design 'Arizona' was being produced. The Arizona had its 30th anniversary in 2003 and is still going strong, along with the expanding range of Birkenstock shoes.


Birkenstocks shoes


There are six different brands of Birkenstock footwear: Birkenstock (the classic sandals), Footprints (closed shoes), Papillio (seasonal, summery designs), Alpro (clogs and sandals designed for the work environment), Birki's (colourful PU/PVA designs), and Betula (shoes designed with the original footbed). Birkenstock shoes are carefully designed to give the foot the best possible support and protection. The foot bed has a raised edge to protect the toes and the toe bar and arch support gives the foot the support it needs while the heel cup in the back of the shoe holds the foot. The cork latex sole is both hardwearing and flexible, providing maximum comfort in a long lasting shoe.


Where to get them


Birkenstocks shoes are available to purchase through the  Birkenstock website (www.birkenstock.co.uk) and also online at Cloggs (www.cloggs.co.uk) where there is currently an offer for free delivery. Buy Birkenstocks online or in store at John Lewis (www.johnlewis.com), Office (www.office.co.uk) and Schuh (www.schuh.co.uk).

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