Looking for birkenstocks in size 42? It's time to treat those feet!

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Birkenstocks in size 42 are generally thought to be the equivalent to a British size 8 in women's shoes but if you log on to Birkenstockbeach.com you will see that they suggest adding 30 to your American size in order to find your European size or 33 if you're male.

Dancesport.uk.com offer a comprehensive size conversion chart that shows British, European, American and even Japanese sizing so it's worth checking out if you're confused in any way.

If you're sure of the size and you want to buy Birkenstocks in a size 42 online then price comparison websites such as Shopzilla.co.uk are always a good place to start. Not only do they produce lists of what exactly is available and where you can get it but they provide useful information regarding postage and offer a ratings system for the shops they advertise.

Prices of these popular shoes can vary wildly so having a site displaying the prices from various stores means that the chances of bagging yourself a bargain are quite high. As a lot of the advertisers displayed are in fact stores, you know that you're getting the genuine article and not poor quality replicas.

John Lewis, Zalando and Surfdome are among the sites displayed that also offer free postage. For the generic Birkenstock sandals you can expect to pay around £36.99 from Surfdome but for the Birkenstock Bali sandals available from Sarenza.co.uk you will pay £55.25. Delivery in free in both cases.

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