Birkenstock sandals 2013 spring summer collection

Birkenstock is a German brand that has been in existence since 1774. It is a reputable name for comfortable and foot friendly shoes. ‘Birkenstock Podiatry’ was first published in 1964 and was a great resource for foot health and care at that time. Birkenstock clogs, in particular, are praised for their sturdy build and comfort. We take a look at various Birkenstock clogs available for sale.

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The selection

Birkenstock clogs for men and women are the ideal shoes for work or leisure. They are not only comfortable and soft but also stylish and modern. Made from different materials using the patented Birkenstock technology, these shoes provide a high level of comfort protecting and pampering feet. Consider the following models:

  • Birkenstock classics

These are the original Birkenstock clogs fitted with ‘Birko-Felt’ uppers, cork footbed and an adjustable foot strap. The EVA sole absorbs shocks and impact. They are available in regular or narrow fit and sell for £49.95 a pair. Other models of Birkenstock classics are made from micro-fibre, natural leather, felt and wool felt. Available in different colours, their prices range from £39.5 to £79.95. Birkenstock shoes are truly classics that will take you through years of wear and comfort.

  • Alpro

Made from soft and sturdy material such as smooth leather and cork footbed, Alpro shoes, sandals and clogs are comfy, snug and safe. The anatomically shaped footbed is even washable and provides luxurious comfort while walking or standing making sure you won’t easily slide or slip out of your clogs. Prices start at £39.99.

  • Birki’s

In addition to thongs and sandals, Birki’s has also several pairs of clogs in refreshing colours available for sale. Take Birki’s Super Birki Forest Green selling for £36.95. It has a regular width, single mould clog, removable/replaceable lining, cork and latex footbed and durable sole. Birki’s clogs are highly suitable for professional and leisure. They are also ideal for vegans.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Birkenstock sandals 2013 spring summer collection - Photo Gallery

Other Birkenstock brands

Birkenstock clogs are not the only offerings of the brand. When it comes to footwear, Birkenstock can dress your feet in great comfort with their wide selection of shoes. 'Tatami' and 'Papillio' have delightful selections of strapped sandals, slip-ons, and thongs in different colours and styles. 'Footprints' have a fine range of shoes made from beautiful leather and soft materials all with the comfort of the feet in mind.

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