Bikinis: which shape suits you best?

Finding the right bikini to flatter your body shape is an ordeal most women content with annually. You might find that while your bikini top fits you perfectly, the bikini bottom might make your backside appear huge. Or, you could find your bottom fits you perfectly, but the top is too small. Bikinis: which shape suits you best? We offer some recommendations for different body shapes to help you find the right fit for you.

Slim builds

If you are slim with hips the same width as your shoulders, you can get away with pretty much any type of bikini. However, go for triangle bikinis that look great on slim women and make you look more feminine. Tie bottoms complement svelte legs and bikinis that fasten around the back of the neck flatter shoulders and look great on rectangular shapes.

Pear-shaped builds

If you are pear-shaped with slim shoulders and big hips, go for balcony tops that draw attention to your chest and weigh out your lower half. You might also want to wear triangle tops that tie around the back of the neck to show off your shoulders. Low-waist bottoms with stylish ties will help even out your shape while 1-piece swimsuits will highlight your waist beautifully. Avoid high waist bikinis because these don’t fatter thighs and heavy hips. Also, be careful with 1-piece swimsuits because they make legs look heavier and shorter than they really are.

Triangular, boyish builds

If you are triangular shaped with broad shoulders and slim hips, go for a more balanced out, feminine look with high-waisted bikinis shorts. High-waisted bikinis widen your hips and make you look more proportioned. Moreover, high-waisted bikinis make your legs look longer and also hide hints of a tummy very well. 1-piece outfits will also suit you well, particularly V-neck ones as well as push-up plunge bras that give small chests a bit of an oomph.

Well-proportioned, curvaceous builds

If you have hips and shoulders that are the same width, nice slim waist and a well-rounded backside, you can pretty much wear almost any type of swimwear. However, take care with 1-piece outfits that have a tight fit. 1-piece costumes can hug your carves in the wrong places and flatten your shape or make you look heavier than you actually are. Make sure your 1-piece outfit hugs you in all the right places. Also, you might want to avoid bandeau tops if you are big-busted because these tend to flatten out your assets.

Remember, you really can find the perfect bikini to flatter your figure if only you understand your body shape better.

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