Bikinis for small boobs - things that make you go wow!

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Bikinis for small boobs can be found anywhere. Styles like halterneck bikini tops are designed to lift and define the cleavage area while balancing out the shoulders with the waist. These kind of bikinis can be found in New Look as the Kelly Brook collection offers a selection of cute print halternecks with either frilly bottoms or ones that tie at the sides. You can expect to pay £16.99 for the top and around £9.99 for the bottoms.

If bandeau bikinis are more your thing then head straight to River Island where you can buy a full bikini for around £12 as there is currently a summer sale on! Bandeau bikini tops look well on small boobs as they create emphasis on the delicate neck and shoulder area. Bandeau tops are especially striking in this seasons neon colours. Bright orange and pink colours highlight both tanned and fair skin and work with almost any colouring and can be teamed with black bottoms for a very fashion forward look.

If you're looking to increase the look of your cleavage on the beach then maybe a good gel bikini is an option. If money isn't an issue then log on to maxcleavage.com where their products promise to boost your cup size by up to three sizes! Some of their products are also enjoying seasonal reductions and special offers which means that for only £28.80 you can now buy the "doll face" bikini and also get a free matching sarong!

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