Too old for a bikini? Never! Summer fun with bikinis for 40 year olds

Just because you are a mum and have hit your 40s doesn’t mean you have to treat your body like the plague and cover it up during the summer. Bikinis for 40 year olds are just as popular as bikinis for 20 year olds today, and even more stylish.

Choosing a bikini isn’t easy no matter how old you are, but these tips will have you showing off your sexy 40 year old body this summer with pride.

Broad shoulders a worry?

Don’t let broad shoulders ruin your bikini look. Choose a halter-neck style bikini top. The halter-neck look will break up the neckline and balance out the body dimensions. Try a sexy colour block Venice Bikini from Roxy-europe.com. Or a red checked Stacey Bikini from Agent Provocateur at Net-a-porter.com.

Bust a little too big?

Even if the bust isn’t too big, go for a supported bikini bra with under wiring. This gives your breasts the support and lift they need to look good in bikinis for 40 year olds. Check out Missmandalay.com for a marine look in the Ahoy Bikini.

Can’t find your bust?

Do you have the curves without the bust line? Then you need frilly features around the bust to add depth and drama whilst balancing out curvy thighs at the same time. Check out Topshop.com for some frilly bikinis for 40 year olds plus a few one pieces that are just as sexy and even more flattering.

Big bum problems?

Hide the big bum or at least take attention away from it by wearing fuller bottoms or mini-shorts. If you try to wear small bikini bottoms, it will just make the bum look bigger. Try the cute and sexy Cod Bikini at Red or Dead or a sexy Floral vintage Bikini at Jets by Jessika.

Tummy troubles?

Don’t let stretch marks or a little flab on the tummy keep you out of bikinis. Choose high-waisted or belted bottoms. They slim and contour the tummy down while hiding any blemishes. The Sweetheart Cross-Front Bikini at ASOS.com is sexy and slimming for any age.

Long body woes?

Maximize and take pride in your long body with a bikini that attracts the attention to your breasts and hips. Choose pieces in bold, loud colours and designs like the Printed Bikini from Rosa Cha at Net-a-porter.com.

Coming up short?

Don’t think of yourself as short, think of yourself as petite and sexy. Show off that sexiness by elongating your torso with slinky and even skimpy pieces. The Banana Bikini at the Topshop or the sexy Molly Bikini found at Pistol Panties.

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