On the Search for Perfect Bikini Shops in London

Searching for the perfect bikini can seem like the search for the Holy Grail, but looking in the right bikini shops in London just might bring you success. Sometimes it’s just necessary to go to the experts to find want you need.

The Aggravating Search for the Perfect Bikini

Looking for a bikini at the larger stores can offer a lot of choice, but you often find only half of what you want. Oftentimes you find the perfect top, but can’t find the right size bottom, or you find the right bottom, but no matching top. Or, if they come as a set, one half fits, and the other doesn’t. Pretty much every woman has gone through this torture.

Go to the Experts

Although we can’t promise that you won’t face some of the same problems while visiting these boutiques, since they are smaller, you can get better help in finding what you need. You may not find many cheap bikinis at these stores, but many are holding sales currently, so you can find some good buys.

  • Heidi Klein, Sloane Square, Chelsea
  • Biondi, Old Church Street, Chelsea
  • Vilebrequin, Covent Garden, London
  • Jane Norman, Coven Garden, London
  • Matalan, Kingston Shopping Centre, Dalston

Other Places Where You Can Find Bargains

You can find all sorts of bikini styles at shops online. Tankinis, high leg bikinis, twisted tops, ruffles, polka dots and tropical prints are all available through many London based stores. Large discount stores like Tesco and ASDA often carry a large selection of swimwear at very good prices. Buying now when stores are looking to bring in new stock is a good time to catch the sales at the bikini shops in London.

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