Tips for wearing big necklaces

One of the big jewellery trends around the world is big statement necklaces. Your favourite celebrities are rocking a big necklace and everyone else is following suit. Depending on how you wear them, big necklaces can be used to make a bold fashion statement or simply worn as an addition to outfits. Therefore, whether you just want to expand your wardrobe or you are looking to make a fashion statement big necklaces can add a touch of elegance and grace to your overall look.

Wearing big necklaces

Worn right, big necklaces are dazzling. They bring out an unmistakable aura of elegance and style that draws the eye and is difficult to miss. Brands like Missoni, Kate Spade and French Connection bring us a variety of collections in many different styles from big bold colours, flowers, beautiful stones and chunky designs to ensure everybody’s taste and preferences is met. Here are some helpful tips for wearing big necklaces that will enable you to pull off the trendy big jewellery look you want with style and taste.

1. Wear only one big necklace at any one time

One chunky, stylish big necklace will attract deserved compliments all by itself. There is no need to wear several big necklaces all at once. In fact, over accessorising will do your overall look more harm than good. Also, don’t pair your big necklace with any other kind of neck wear, such as a scarf. You want the necklace to make the statement all by itself.

2. Wear with low-collared jackets or shirts

For a sharper, chic look, wear your big necklace with high-cut, low-collared jackets and shirts to ensure there is adequate space between the top of your shirt and bottom of the necklace. This will help you achieve a cleaner look and you won’t be forced to adjust your outfit all day with discomfort.

3. Go for something eccentric

Don’t be afraid to go for eccentric big necklaces. Fashion is about taking a risk to discover your own personal taste and style. However, be careful not to get big necklaces that are sloppily made or cheap-looking because these will destroy your overall look and feel. As a general rule, have lots of fun with your jewellery. Experiment and pick what you feel comfortable in and look beautiful wearing.

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