Big is Beautiful at New York Fashion Week

A few weeks back we reported that Marc Jacobs was planning a plus-size range for women over UK size 16 and it seems that he is not the only label keen to open up the market. New York Fashion Week made history yesterday with the first ever show featuring only larger-size models.

The event showcased clothes from American label OneStopPlus.com and was attended by celebrity guests including Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky and Precious actress Gabourey Sidibe.

Vice president of design at OneStopPlus, Zahir Babvani, told the Daily Mail: ‘This show is a collaborative effort to provide the extraordinary community of plus-size women with the uncompromising style that they have always deserved but never received. It's about inclusion and fashion democracy: fashion risk-taking and empowerment. No more seeing what you can't have; this is a fashion party that invites and inspires everyone.’

Whether London Fashion Week will follow suit remains to be seen but there certainly does seem to be change in the air. Is this the end of the waif era?

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