Big Babylons

Breaking news – big babylons needn’t spell financial ruin. George at Asda have decided that price discrimination on the grounds of bust size is, as a concept, just a wee bit outdated. Only 40 years of bra burning too late but hey…

Good old George At Asda are leading the charge in the price-busting, (scuse the pun) revolution and say they will now implement a ‘one price for all’ system which no longer discriminates against larger cuppage.
And about time too. Anyone ever heard of men having to pay over the odds for XL boxers? Somehow we think not. Can’t help what you’re born with!

Heralding a new era of equality for the frontally well endowed, Brand Director Fiona Lambert explains ‘From now on all bras at George will be exactly the same price, from A cup through to F cup. We’re putting to an end once and for all that last of all prejudices, the bigger busted woman’.

So it’s commiserations to the ruthless bra vendors making a buck on big babylons. 
And hurrah for the giant boob.

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