Beyonce walks for Tom Ford

Tom Ford’s official return to womenswear at New York Fashion Week in September was a very closed affair. The collection was only presented to a very select number of industry insiders, with just one official photographer allowed access. The world’s press could only speculate about what incredible Willy Wonka-esque spectacles might be unfolding behind those locked doors. Until now…

Harper’s Bazaar has been granted permission to publish images from the show, three months after it happened. As you might expect from a Tom Ford show, glamour was very much on display, with models strutting down a short walkway dripping in feathers and sequins. Even more impressive, his models included celeb heavyweights Beyonce and Julianne Moore!

Beyonce looked every inch the superstar, wearing a stunning gold sequin dress with embroided fishnet tights and supersize hair. To see the images yourself, head to harpersbazaar.co.uk

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