Beyonce rocks Selfridges

Selfridges hosted a gathering of stars to rival the cosmos this weekend as Beyonce and her mother Tina Knowles were in the building to show the latest collection for their label House of Dereon.

The collection had a tribal vibe to it, with models wearing feathers and bold make up as they strutted down the catwalk in front of a glittering front row which included Rosario Dawson and Ellie Goulding, according to the Daily Mail.

Of course it really doesn’t matter how many celebs they packed the room with – there was only one person here who could command everyone’s attention and that’s Beyonce. The Crazy in Love singer looked stunning in a black sequinned trouser suit, showing very little sign of her baby bump. She was accompanied down the catwalk by her mother, looking nowhere near her 57 years of age in a flattering leather jacket (and, judging by the photos, possibly aided by a touch of medical magic?)

House of Dereon was set up in 2004, with the junior line added in 2006 by Beyonce and her sister Solange (another LFW fixture this season). Tina Knowles used to create stage outfits for Destiny’s Child and of course Beyonce has established herself as a style icon in her own right, so it makes perfect sense for the mother and daughter to join forces. Fashion is a famously fickle business so we admire the Knowleses for keeping it in the family – even the name House of Dereon is a reference to Beyonce's maternal grandmother Agnèz Deréon. Independent ladies through and through!

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