Beyoncé dazzles at the Super Bowl 2013 in Singer's mini dress

Beyoncé went to the Super Bowl 2013 to do what Beyoncé does best: singing her heart out and shaking her bootilicious body in a revealing mini dress. She really dazzled and stunned the public in a sensational half-time performance, which included the appearance of her former Destiny's Child bandmates, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland.

It wasn't just the energetic moves, the sexy poses and their best songs that wowed the crowd, most of all were the skimpy black leather and lace leotards that the three gorgeous ladies were wearing during the performance that created a stir. Obviously all eyes were on Beyoncé, the undisputed queen of the event, who surprised the audience even more by wearing the creation of a relatively unknown designer, Rubin Singer.

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"I have to tell you, this is a moment” Mr Singer said in an interview "It's the biggest moment of my career." It certainly was, considering that half-time performance was watched by over 110 million people around the globe and that Queen B's Gaultier-inspired leather costume was for sure the centre of attention. It took more than 200 hours of work to create such an iconic piece of haute-couture, but all that hard work really paid off.

Beyoncé has been wearing Singer's creations since 2010 and she passed her passion on to her sister Solange, who was also spotted wearing a white dress at a party back in September 2012. The designer's work has been a favourite with other celebrities, like Heidi Klum, Lucy Liu and Alicia Keys, who majestically sang the American national anthem at the show.

Rubin Singer's name might not be as famous as other designers, but his credentials are equally strong. Calling himself a third generation couturier, as his father Alik designed costumes for the Bolshoi Ballet, while his grandfather dressed Russian royalties and politicians, the New York based designer began his career at Oscar de la Renta, then becoming head designer at Bill Blass and Kai Milla. Dressing Beyoncé for the Super Bowl will certainly bring his name to celebrity stardom, so stay tuned for many more of its creations.

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