Beyonce Accused of Stealing

Beyonce is bigger than Coca Cola these days. Well, perhaps not, but she’s certainly on her way to super-brand status – a trillion chart hits, Hollywood success and her own clothing line. But it looks like Beyonce Inc could be in a spot of trouble if claims of plagiarism from little-known Icelandic clothing company E-label turn out to be true, the Daily Mail writes.

Beyonce’s Dereon label, which is designed by the singer and her mother, has been accused by E-label of stealing one of its designs for a pair of studded black leggings. Beyonce is seen wearing a pair in a Dereon ad, and E-label claim that the design is almost identical to their own version, which Beyonce purchased from TopShop, London, last year.

Co-owner of the brand, Helba Hallgrimsdottir, said 'I didn’t twig straight away that this was her own label: I just thought she was wearing our leggings. It is practically just copy-paste.' As yet E-label have not pursued legal action – copyright infringement in fashion is a notoriously complex affair, and E-label would need to be able to prove that enough of their original design exists in Dereon’s product in order to have a case. But on a happier note, they've got themselves a fair bit of free publicity by going to the press.

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