Beth's Back

Gossip frontwoman and all-round cool lady, Beth Ditto, launched her third collection for high street retailer Evans this week. Designed for larger sized women, the collection draws on inspiration from 80s punk to 1920s glamour, and is available from Selfridges London, and online, today and will be in stores from late September.

Beth looks stunning on the official collection website, modeling the clothes with typical rock and roll confidence. Our favourites are the floral print drape dress and the polka dot ‘spot woven dress’.

Not content with designing and modeling the collection, Beth also stars in an accompanying video (wearing the aforementioned polka dot must-have) which can be seen exclusively on the Grazia website.

Beth still has some way to go to beat Kate Moss’ record 14 collections for TopShop but if the past three seasons are anything to go by, Designer Ditto won’t be disappearing in a hurry.

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