Best sandals for walking

When the hot season approaches, one of the first items we reach out for is a comfortable pair of lightweight footwear. But with so many brilliant designs to choose from, how do we know what's the best pair of sandals for our summer? If you are a sporty type planning an active holiday, or simple look for something comfortable and trustworthy, take a look at our short guide on thebest sandals for walking.

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Style and trends are important but, above all, your sandals must be comfortable and well supportive in order to keep your walking stride and avoid the possible leg, knee and back pain often related with poor quality footwear. We've chosen two types of awesome walking sandals that support foot arches and rely on contoured heels and straps to take pressure off toes.

The Gallatin CNX by Keen

This lightweight, all-terrain sandals are designed for maximum protection, including tough tire-tread outsoles, full toe protection and a lacing system with no-slip action. The Gallatin CNX are perfect for watersports and summer adventures, and will also arguably be the most comfortable and effective choice of sandals to wear for paddling along the beach at sunset or stride down the plaza this summer.

The Original Universal by Teva

It was 30 years ago when the original Teva sandals were first launched on the market. The nylon webbing on the Original Universal, its triangular grips on the outsoles and, above all, the Velcro strap have since become the trademark of lightweight adventure footwear. Now, the first version of these worldwide famous flip-flops turned sandals of the simple but brilliant design are making a comeback in a new re-release. Don't miss out your chance to own a pair of these top sandals, offering excellent support, comfort and wearability at an easy-peasy price.

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