Best quality thermal clothing for babies

Thermal clothing for babies are quite difficult to source – you don't find them easily in the local shops or highstreet stores, as they tend to go out of stock fairly quick. However, some of the best thermal clothing you can buy in the UK are available online all year round.

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If you are looking for quality thermal, renewable sources and hypo-allergenic materials that safeguards the delicate skin of your baby while letting it breath, then you need take a look at the underwear collection at Lana Bambini online shop - Lanabambini.co.uk

Fuelled by Engel, German pioneer of eco-textiles, Lana Bambini produces quality thermal clothes for babies paying a great deal of attention to texture and sustainability. Offering a gorgeous range of babygrows, bodysuits, vests, pijamas and the likes, this brand is particularly loved for the fabulous blends of organic merino wool and organic cotton with mulberry silk, which feel wonderful against the skin and guarantee to keep a constant body temperature.

Take the lovely long sleeve kimono bodygrow for babies, included tiny size for premature, price £18.00. In hypo-allergenic, residue free merino wool mixed with silk, ideal for regulating temperature and consequently the heart rate like no other fabric, including a touch similar to human skin which gives it a calming and comforting effect. http://lanabambini.co.uk/store/index.php/brands/engel/wool-silk-premature-kimono-babygrow.html

Or the soft, breathable organic wool fleece overall, £45.00: more gentle than pure wool and perfect for wearing directly against delicate skin. http://lanabambini.co.uk/store/index.php/brands/engel/children-s-organic-wool-fleece-overall.html

The organic Merino and Silk Babygrow / Sleepsuit £23.50 will keep your little one cosy and comfortable no matter the temperature of the nursery, particularly when combined with a Merino wool baby sleeping bag http://lanabambini.co.uk/store/index.php/brands/engel/organic-merino-and-silk-babygrow-sleepsuit.html

The very popular organic Wool/Silk Long sleeved Bodysuit is perfect for layering and ideal all year round, particularly when temperatures fluctuate. Ideal base layer in winter and a lovely light breathable top in summer, also wonderful for sleeping in. Hypo-allergenic, soft and free from any chemical residues, ideal for sensitive skin. Price tag £18.00. http://lanabambini.co.uk/store/index.php/brands/engel/wool-silk-long-sleeved-baby-body.html

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