Best of Mulberry

It's been a UK powerhouse in leather accessories for women, and in particular for crafting dependable yet fashion hand-bags that ladies across the land can have ultimate faith in, come rain or shine. Now Mulberry is celebrating its achievements by selling a coffee-table book highlighting the best of its brand, Cosmopolitan tells us.

Fans, from the likes of Alexa Chung down to the average British house-wife will be able to fantasise about owning spectacular pieces of craftsmanship, although in the case of Ms. Chung, such things are a very real possibility:

'The great British brand that makes us all go weak at the knees and spend days daydreaming about what our handbag would look like if we were as lucky as Alexa Chung to have one crafted in our honour.'

'With a ‘fly on the wall’ feel, beautiful photography has captured moments behind the scenes at its Somerset factory, its shops and parties and of famous faces, including Ms Chung, and their relationship with the fashion house.'

Log onto the Mulberry website and treat yourself to several hours of fashionable wishful thinking.

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