Best Kids Ski Mittens; What to Look for!

Ski mittens are essential for any skier, but to the novice, or first-timer they can be difficult especially the best kids ski mittens. It's a classic scene, the family decides to take their first ski trip. All is going great, until the time comes to buy the gear, the boots gloves, goggles etc. and suddenly you are overwhelmed by brands and price tags, so you make a decision," I have a pair of mittens at home, their not specially designed for skiing but I'm sure they'll do,right?" Wrong this is a big mistake and one the is repeated a thousand times over each and every season.

The major problem with "city mittens" is that they are not designed to withstand the high levels of wear and tear they will be subjected to on the slopes. They also tend not to be waterproof and are not probably insultated for alpine conditions. Ski mittens are designed to withstand the high levels of activity while also offering you support, by securing your fingers in place so that you have a smaller chance of breaking bones in a crash. Many come with a buckle system so they will never come off no matter what you do in them.

Especially when buying for a child it is advisable to purchase mittens over gloves. A couple of days trying to put on children's gloves and you'll be running to the shop to buy up as many pairs of mittens as you can find, trust me. It doesn't really matter whether you decide on gloves or mittens as long the you buy waterproof goods. Try to look for the highest level of waterproofing you can find, even it means giving up some insulation, if its not waterproof its a sponge! Look for good stitching and high quality synthetics used.

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Happy skiing.


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