Best handbags shops in King's Road Chelsea

An icon of the 1960s London, King's Road is located in the heart of the West End, stretching from Chelsea to Fulham, from Sloane Square to Stamford Bridge. If you have not heard about this place before, it's simply because you have never been shopping in London or never planned to. But don't worry, there's plenty of time to catch up: with King's Road being associated with British fashion since the days of Mary Quant, there is no risk for this evergreen high street shopping experience to suddenly disappear off the fashion map.


Located in one of the best areas in London, King's Road offers above all a range of spectacular deals on handbags. We take a look at some of its most famous shops, with an offer that ranges from fabulous handmade bags and accessories to well known high couture brands.

At number 122 King's Road, Chelsea SW3 4TR is Vanilla Paris, a lovely independent store specialised in fashion leather handbags and purses. Its products are unique and the service is amongst the best in London.

Vanilla Paris' handbags are hand designed and manufactured in France, and while high quality is guaranteed, prices are kept at their possible lowest. Here you will find the ultimate fashion A-list handbags, timeless classics like the Mini Bertie, compact and essential, perfect this for daytime on night wear and available in chic tan, brown, orange and grey


Gerard Darel is located at number 90 Kings Road, Chelsea SW3 4TZ. A leading French designer and retailer of mid to high-end women pret a porter, Gérard Darel offers a range of classic designs and accessories for women, including their signature 24 Heures handbag.

24 Heures was originally designed as part of the ready-to-wear collection, and with each season the line is enriched with new models with special features. Available in black, platinum, navy blue, coral and camel.

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