Best handbags for a wedding

Let's take a look at some gorgeous bridal handbags option. A gorgeous wedding accessory to add personality and individuality any look, also because even a bride needs something to carry those few bits and bobs on the most important day of her life! Take a look at our choice of best handbags for a wedding.

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Obviously you need something to complete the dress or outfit, in this post we will look at some lovely handbags that would look great with many different version of the traditional white gown.

A popular choice is the classic satin clutch in that beloved, warm shade of white that is ivory. You can't go wrong, this is the simplest choice if you are wearing an ivory wedding dress and don't want to add anything too elaborated. Plus, you will be able to wear this versatile clutch on other occasions. Choose one with a concealed chain for extra practicality.

Moonson offers a lovely variation on this theme, the Kami Pearlised Clutch. This is a gorgeous clutch in smooth nude satin featuring a chic metal clasp fastening decorated with diamante detailing. This clutch will look great with your wedding attire and also add sparkle to any party dress. Very fancy price too: only £29.00 at this link: http://uk.monsoon.co.uk/view/product/uk_catalog/mon_4.12/5430336300

If you are looking for a more personal style, something to add character and perfectly in line with the style chosen for your bridal outfit, than a good idea would be looking at a vintage or bespoke option. Whether you had your gown designed for the occasion or not, a statement accessory like a personalized handbag will add prestige to your bridal look. There are fantastic options on Etsy, at affordable prices – check out this link: https://www.etsy.com/uk/search?q=wedding%20handbag

We found, for instance, a gorgeous pink blush bridal clutch decorated with satin flowers and rhinestone, handmade by Camilla Christine, £148.73, and a lovely 1950s vintage ivory and gold box clutch in satin, metal, leatherette for £49.99.

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