Best fashion blogs in the UK in 2013

Amongst the most successful fashion blogs of the year, we've selected 3 that never fail to inspire us. Appearing both as some of the most ranked in the 2013 social media index and in the British fashion magazine Look's top 20, these blogs deserve to be applauded as best fashion blogs in the UK in 2013.

Our Top 3

Our choice of best fashion blogs in the UK in 2013 falls on: Face Hunter, Style Bubble and 5 inch and up.

Face Hunter

'A man out and about in london and beyond' and 'eye candy for the style hungry', is how fashion blogger Yvan Rodic famously defines himself and his blog's philosophy. The Swiss street photographer travels the world and take part in cultural and fashion events where he eventually never fails to magnificently portray the most interesting and fashion wise people about. Follow him here: http://www.facehunter.org/ or buy his lovley coffee-table books Face Hunter (2010)and A Year in The Life of Face Hunter (2013), both published by Thames Hudson.

Style Bubble

27-year-old Susie Lau lives in London and launched Style Bubble in 2006. Ever since, she's been posting photographs her outfits and writing about her favourite designers and styles. She does it so well, she has 30.000 daily followers, and has been one of the first fashion bloggers to be acknowledged by the industry. Her style is unique and her passione outstanding, check it out here: http://www.stylebubble.co.uk/

5 inch and up

A student at the London College of Fashion, Sandra Hagelstam has been described 'blogger of the day' by Vogue earlier this year. Her personal style is carachterized by a huge love for stilettos, platforms and generally tall shoes, and by her signature slightly-unkept-looking blond locks. With an insider view, half self conscious self styler, half professional designer, Sandra is quickly building a staedy career in the British fashion world, and not only. Join other thousand followers of her blog: http://5inchandup.blogspot.it/

Best to come

Far more then those nominated as best fashion blogs in the fashion magazines top 20s, there are armies of new bloggers everyday, in the fashion world as in any other field. In particular, keep an eye and an ear open for the new, upcoming trend setters: This Or That (melaniecrete.tumblr.com), En Brogue(enbrogue.com), Marian Kihogo (mariankihogo.com), I Want You To Know (iwantyoutoknow.co.uk) and Nicely Turned Out (nicelyturnedout.com). Take a pick now, before they become everyone else's common knowledge.

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