Best dressed celebs of 2007

For those of us who like a top ten list, there's nothing better than a look at who was wearing what in 2007. The Guardian has put together it's comprehensive guide to the leaders of style and the top ten snappy dressers are:

1) Roisin Murphy
Sassy, stylish and never afraid of trends. The singer knows how to do individual.

(Editor's note: We vote Gwen Stefani instead. A huge oversight by the Guardian, although perhaps she can share first place with Roisin.)

2) Lou Doillon
"The embodiment of all our Parisian sartorial fantasies"

3) Andre Leon Talley
Vogue's editor-at-large. You'd kind of expect that.

4) Fiona Phillips
GMTV sofa girl made looking good at 7am an art form.

5) Blanche Hunt
Coronation Street beauty Blanche's wardrobe during 2007 had suggestive allusions to Grey Gardens. A nice touch.

6) Prince
Purple is the colour of the season, and oh how we love the mighty purple one!

7) Behati Prinsloo
The Namibian model, according to the Guardian, "looked more fashion-forward when zooming between shows at the last London Fashion Week than she did on the catwalk." Now that's some accolade.

8) Alex Turner
Arctic Monkeys' lead singer will be setting male trends for 2008.

9) Take That
Oh yes! The man band is back and styling the nation as they go.

10) Jennifer Aniston
We don't agree with this one. Surely Gwen Stefani deserves a mention somewhere in the top ten??

(Image: YouTube)

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