How to choose the best cycling shorts

It’s time to get the bicycles out and hit the road. However, for a comfortable ride, it is essential to dress appropriately from top to bottom. We take a look at the best cycling shorts. These outfits can make a real difference whether you’re on the bike for a short or long time.

What to look for

  • Padded insert or seat pad

A good cycling short must have adequate padding inside for a comfortable feel while on a saddle. Without sufficient protection, you’ll end up in sores and discomfort. Of course, the bulk of your money is going to pay for the quality of padded inserts. High-quality ones are comfortable, repel moisture and will help minimise saddle sores. They are usually made from different kinds of synthetic materials.

  • Choose the right size

Make sure to buy the right size when choosing the best cycling shorts. Whenever possible, try them in the shops before purchasing. Look for cycling shorts with at least 6 to 8 panels to make sure the pair conforms to the body for a great fit.

  • Fabric composition

Lycra is a common component used in manufacturing cycling shorts because of its stretch properties. It also wicks away moisture away from the skin. Bear in mind that as you put more money on the table, you’ll get cycling shorts made from fabrics with extra properties such as breathable fabrics or muscle compression.

  • Stitching

Flat stitching is great for skin comfort. Look for shorts without stitching in critical areas such as legs for a comfy ride. Ensure that stitches have a smooth finish.

  • Types of shorts

There are two kinds of cycling shorts, regular or bib. The kind you buy depends on the purpose in mind. Bib shorts are best for long cycling hours. The straps keep the shorts in place. There is no waistband that will cut through the skin while cycling. In contrast, if you’re just cycling a few hours and times, regular shorts are adequate.

Brands to consider

When it comes to buying the best cycling shorts, how much you are willing to spend plays an important role. Some of the brands to consider include Sportful, Pearl Izumi, Hincapie, Sugoi, Castelli, Assos, and Louis Garneau. Again, if you’re going to spend a good amount of time riding a bicycle, it makes a lot of sense to get excellent riding gear to make sure your time on the saddle will be a comfortable and safe experience.

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