The best fashion collections of 2012

The best fashion collections of 2012 include works from famous and not so famous designers. You’ll find the likes of Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen and all the big names showing their best range during the spring/summer and autumn/winter collections. Let us list some of those worthy of mention.

Our choices

The best of spring and summer

1. Marc Jacobs’s gorgeous cabaret dress shown at the Paris Week Show was a delight combining the vintage look in a modern era. Tailoring is superb and well-executed visible on the fine lines of the embellished one-piece waist dress.

2. Oscar de la Renta showed off a stunning strapless gown paired with plastic booties. The gown is a revelation of all sorts.

3. Christopher Bailey from Burberry Prorsum has made one of the most successful shows with stunning and appealing creations paraded on the catwalk.

4. The Prada show in Milan was a heart stopper showing off elegant and colourful creations putting the woman in control.

5. Very fifties and Sophia Lorenesque, this came as no surprise with a vintage yet refreshing style on the boardwalk from Dolce & Gabbana.

6. Celine house designer Phoebe Philo showed us glam outfits in refreshing colours fitted perfectly for the woman’s form.

7. Of course, let us not forget Alexander McQueen with his outstanding creations on the catwalk for spring.

The best of autumn and winter

When talking of the best fall collections of 2012, you’ll be reminded of the images of models parading outfits from the masters of creation.

1. At the new York fashion event, Proenza Schouler and Alexander Wang stood out. Brocades, kimono styles, and cool jackets were sensational.

2. Burberry has always dominated the London show, but this time we also see the grandeur of Belstaff with their cropped and shearling coats, tailored suits, and jackets.

3. Again, McQueen also showed their best pieces in the same fashion event.


The Paris show is not to be forgotten where we saw the beauty and timeless creations of Balmain and Dries Van Noten. Milan had its say too showcasing the works of Gianfranco Ferre continuing the minimalist trend and Gabriel Colangelo with their print and palette designs. There you go, the best haute couture collections of 2012. We can't wait what this year has in store for us fashion lovers.

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