The best clothes for an apple shape figure

An apple shape body may not be the easiest type to dress up. But, that is not to say, you cannot have an elegant look especially if you know how to choose and wear the right clothes. Take a look at the best clothes for an apple shape figure that you should wear for an eye-catching look.

Defining apple shape

Let us discuss what an apple shape figure looks like so we can identify possible ways to dress it up. An apple-shaped body is generally top heavy. It means you have broad shoulders, wide torso, full breasts and waist.

In essence, this type of body has a heavy middle. Having a wide torso is also another example as well as a broad shoulder, flat bottom, thinner arms and legs. You can also get a flat bottom amongst other things.

Although having an apple-shaped body might be a disadvantage, there are ways to work around this shortcoming. You can look elegant even if you don’t have a flawless figure. The key is to enhance your attractive traits and camouflage your imperfections.

How to dress the best clothes for an apple shape figure

Here are basic principles to follow when dressing yourself:

  • Choose clothing that will disguise your limitations. Not everyone can do this, but you should work on problematic areas and the like.
  • Avoid wearing thick belts that will just draw attention to the middle part of the body.
  • Conversely, play up your best attributes. This means emphasising your bust by wearing flowing skirts and dresses which give you an amazing look whilst enhancing your greatest features.
  • Do not wear clothes that are tight and clinging to the body.
  • Go for jeans with side zippers.
  • Wear simple jackets that will hide your heavy middle or use open cardigans.

Self-confidence is also very important

Indeed, there are many best clothes for an apple shape figure that you can choose from. The principle is easy; emphasise your attributes or hide your flaws. If you stick to these, you might even become the best-dressed woman at parties and events. Self-confidence is also a very important aspect in dressing up so you can pull off the look.

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