Best bridal dresses UK trends in 2015: sneak peek

The trends for 2015 wedding dresses all converge towards a very feminine look that is neat and fuss-free, where embellishment is achieved through volume and richness of materials rather than exuberance.

    Oscar De La Renta @Facebook

The laced sleeve style, set by Kate Middleton's famous Alexander McQueen wedding gown, is one of the steadiest and best loved trends for 2015. Discreet and modest, long sleeves and low neckline in the same fabulous lace that wraps around the corset abound in the collections of designers such as Carolina Herrera and Ines Di Santo.

The blowsy sleeve variation on this them instantly guarantees a bohemian look, while the ultimately modern version of the sensual lace sleeve is a slimmer shoulder slopes off, modern but romantic nuptial classic with a twist.

The super chic mini bridal dress is definitely another one of the hottest wedding trends for 2015. Obviously it's your very special day so you should ultimately wear a dress that flattens your figure, so if you have long, slender legs...dare to bare! Oscar De La Renta enthusiastically endorses this trend in his gorgeous collection for SS 2015.

Want your bridal dress to be an absolute, unforgettable style statement? Grab the new, amazing 2015 bridal trend fresh off the catwalks that's adding sophistication to the wedding gowns of the best designer: the over-sized detail. A very chic option only for the most elegant, to wear with extreme nonchalance – think Cara Delevingne in a Vera Wang AW 2015 wide voile gown!

Least but not last: colour! Whether it's just a shy, shimmery hint or a full on, bold primary colour, more and more are the options of striking wedding gowns for those who do not wish to dress in white. From the hints of precious jade, dusky pink or romantic violett in the breathtakingly beautiful Monique Lhuillier collection, to the daringly gorgeous Alfredo Angelo's Disney collection of deep red, purples and turquoise blues bridal gown, 2015 is the year of the colour daring brides.

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