best boots for snow and ice - fashionable, warm and safe!

Best boots for snow and ice can mean different things to different people! Perhaps you're looking for boots that have a good grip or maybe you want thick padding so that you're not cold and waterproof would be a nice idea too!

If you're looking to splash the cash then maybe Ugg boots are on your radar. These boots come with a sheepskin lining and water resistant exterior, the sole of them is thick and designed to grip even the iciest pavements. Many people buy Ugg boots because of their fashion kudos and don't realise the practical benefits of owning a pair. The price tag is not for the faint hearted though. Genuine Classic tall Ugg boots can be bought from the Schuh website at a cost of £220. Of course there are sites that promise massively discounted uggs but there's always the chance that these boots are replicas and, in that case, they're lined with synthetic fur and the sole is far inferior.

eBay sell boots by brands such as Roxy and Animal for a fraction of the high street stores. These brands specialise in trendy boots featuring bright colours, designs and suitable for a wide range of winter activities. Currently the yeti style boots, which are of the hairy variety, are for sale through various auctions. There's 3 different colours and prices are from £11.99. Protect yourself when shopping online and only use sellers that have a high feedback score and accept paypal. Using paypal means that you can seek reimbursement should the item not arrive or if it's not what you ordered.

Nextag.co.uk is a price comparison website that will display prices of snow boots along with their stockists and delivery related charges. Here you will find boots to suit every budget and the sellers have a ratings system so you know that you're buying with confidence.

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